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By titleConcept Cars

Concept Cars

From the futuristic, the fantastic and the bizarre, to the cars that actually made it into production, Concept Cars: Designing for the Future is a lavishly illustrated celebration of the most evocative dream cars of all time. This book charts the origins of the concept car, from the science fiction fuelled 1950s, through to the equally remarkable concept cars of the present day. Divided into 6 chapters, it documents the key design visionaries as well as the cars that successfully made it from the drawing board to the production line, such as the new VW Beetle, Audi TT and Mercedes Benz Vision (which became the A Class). Illustrated with a spectacular collection of colour and black-and-white photographs and original artwork, this book provides an authoritative commentary on the world's most groundbreaking automotive designs.

Format: 305 x 227mm (12 x 9")
Extent: 320pp
Illustrations: 270 colour photographs and artworks
Text: 80000 words

Author details:

Richard Dredge is a freelance journalist and author. He has written several books for Haynes, including World's Fastest Cars in the Haynes Pocket Manual Series.