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One hundred years ago today, the United Kingdom declared war on Germany. There are many commemorations going on to mark the event today, and undoubtedly many will be inspired to learn more about this conflict that helped shape the world we live in.

There are many books that have been published on the subject, and surely many more to come, but here is a brief guide to the various titles on offer from Amber and the audience for which they are intended:

The Illustrated History of World War I by Andrew Wiest 256pp
A single volume history of the conflict, a good starting point for those new to the subject. It gives a global perspective to the war which is often overlooked by UK studies.

The History of World War I series with a foreword by Dennis Showalter 224pp each
A six volume military history written by professional historians, this series is a much more in-depth exploration of the war's battles and campaigns. The Eastern Front volume is the only illustrated history of the theatre published in English, and well worth a read if you are already familiar with the events on the Western Front.

The Military Atlas of World War I by Michael Neiberg 176pp
A large format atlas with an international perspective, providing a strategic overview to histories of the war and geographical context, from the Falkland Islands to the deserts of Mesopotamia via Flanders and the Italian front.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War I edited by Chris Bishop 384pp
A detailed guide to the weapons used during the conflict, from artillery pieces to Zeppelins, with full colour artworks to illustrate each entry and detailed specifications. An ideal companion for those well-versed in the military history wanting to learn more about the tools used to wage the Great War.

Aircraft of World War I by Jack Herris and Bob Pearson, 192pp
Over 200 full colour profiles of WWI aircraft from all fronts arranged chronologically by theatre of war and campaign, with detailed specifications.

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