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A visit from Vampires! in time for Hallowe'en...

Available from the iTunes store today from £2.99/$4.99/€3.99

Hallowe’en is approaching, the nights are closing in, there’s a chill in air and a bite on your neck! Amber Books and PyrusMalus announce today the launch of Vampires! for iPad.

From Dracula to Twilight’s Edward Cullen, from shape-shifting African vampires to Japan’s flying Yuki-Onna, explore the stories of 20 vampires from the world’s literature, mythology and even real history (because they do exist, you know).

• Read the full stories and origins of each vampire legend
• Choose which vampire has the scariest SCREAM, SHRIEK, ROAR, GROWL and CACKLE
• Guess the size of each vampire compared to your average non-bloodsucking human
• From wooden stakes to garlic, learn what no vampire hunter leaves home without
• Rate your favourite vampires
• Play with the colourful vampire tiles and re-arrange them in dead fun ways
• Print out and colour in your vampires with AirPrint

Vampires! is a playful, interactive experience — perfect for sharing as you read, explore and learn. Be scared, be thrilled, and be careful out there.