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New Titles
Tao Te Ching [Dao De Jing]

'He who boasts of what he will do, succeeds in nothing.' – Tao Te Ching

No understanding of Chinese...


Format: 264 x 195mm (10½ x 7¾”)
Extent: 96pp
Word count: 12,000 words

Drum Course for Beginners

Do you want to play the drums but are not sure where to begin? Drum Course for Beginners takes...


Format: 285 x 220mm (11¼ x 8½”)
Extent: 144pp
Word count: 20,000 words
Illustrations: Over 100 colour photographs, 200 chord charts, diagrams and notation

Human Body Colouring Book

Learning through colouring in, discover how the individual parts of the human body function in this medical...


Format: 297 x 227mm (11¾ x 9”)
Extent: 224 pages
Word count: 10,000 words
Illustrations: 215 colour artworks; 215 line drawings
ISBN: 9781782742906

Viking Warrior: The Norse Raiders who Terrorized Medieval Europe

“It is better to stand and fight. If you run, you’ll only die tired.” – Viking saying

Beginning in 789...


Format: 213 x 290mm (8 1⁄4 x 11 1⁄2”) hb
Extent: 224 pages
Word count: 50,000 words
Illustrations: more than 200 colour illustrations, photographs and maps
ISBN: 9781782742913

Drones: An Illustrated Guide to Unmanned Aircraft and Vehicles

Drones are found in the airspace throughout the world and are more popular now than ever...


Format: 264 x 208mm hb
Extent: 224pp
Word count: 55,000 words
Illustrations: 100 photographs and 60 colour artworks
ISBN: 9781782742555

Glock: Collector's Guides

The Glock series of handguns represents one of the greatest steps forward in pistol design since the...


Format: 244 x 186mm (9 1/2 x 7 1/4”) hb
Extent: 224pp
Word count: 50,000 words
Illustrations: 200 colour artworks and 60 colour and b/w photos
ISBN: 9781782742562

Stalin's Secret Police: A History of the CHEKA, OGPU, NKVD, SMERSH and KGB: 1917-1991

The infamous KGB of Cold War renown was the successor to a series of equally lethal state security agencies...


Format: 240 x 189mm (9 1/2 x 7 1/2") pb
Extent: 192pp
Illustrations: 120 b/w photos
Text: 70000 words
ISBN: 9781782743170

Fantastic Fearsome Beasts

African ogres with eyes in their feet, one-eyed giant dogs, a man trapped in the body of a werewolf, human...


Extent: 96pp
Format: 213 x 290mm (81⁄2 x 111⁄2”)
Illustrations: 88 col a/ws
Word count: 20,000 words

Dinosaurs of the Jurassic World and beyond

Including flying dinosaurs and swimming dinosaurs, two-legged and four-legged dinosaurs, plant-eating and meat-...


Extent: 64pp
Format: 213 x 290mm (81⁄2 x 111⁄2”)
Illustrations: Over 50 col a/ws
Word count: 3000 words

How the Brain Works

Where in the brain would you find the hippocampus and what is its function? What happens in the brain when we...


Format: 297 x 227mm (113⁄4 x 9”)
Extent: 176 pages
Word count: 95,000 words
Illustrations: More than 600 colour photographs and artworks