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New Titles
Military Atlas of World War I

World War I might conjure up images of the trenches of the Western Front where the fighting raged for nearly...


Format: 360 x 280mm (14 1⁄4 x 11")
Extent: 176pp
Word count: 34,000 words
Illustrations: 180 col maps
ISBN: 9781782741312

Extreme Fitness

Who’s going to guide you when your military boot camp class is over? What’s going to help you prepare for the...


Format: 178 x 127mm (7 x 5")
Extent: 320pp
Word count: 45,000 words
Illustrations: 300 b/w artworks
ISBN 9781782741060

Dinosaur Fact Files app - *FREE DOWNLOAD*

“…neatly designed with bitesize, accessible text. In fact, it looks like the sort of app that will teach us...


Free app for iPad.

Predators: The World's Deadliest Animals

Predators are the red-toothed killers of the natural world, occupying the top position in their ecosystem and...


Extent: 192pp
Format: 213 x 290mm (81/3 x 11½”)
Illustrations: More than 250 col a/ws and photographs
Word count: 30,000 words
ISBN: 9781782740445

Chronology of World War II

World War II remains the largest conflict humanity has ever seen, both in terms of scale and loss of life. The...


Extent: 160pp
Format: 297 x 227mm (11 3⁄4 x 9”)
Illustrations: More than 200 photographs
Word count: 70,000 words
ISBN: 9781782740681

How to Defend Yourself: Unarmed Combat Skills That Work

What would you do when threatened on the street? How would you cope with an assailant trying to hurt you or...


Format: 240mm x 160mm (9 1⁄2 x 6 1⁄2”)
Extent: 48 pages
Word count: 10,000 words
Illustrations: 50 black-and-white artworks
ISBN: 9781782740896

How to Punch: Unarmed Combat Skills That Work

The skilled boxer is a fighter to be reckoned with, and good punching technique a very effective way of...


Format: 240mm x 160mm (9½ x 6½”)
Extent: 48 pages
Word count: 10,000 words
Illustrations: 50 black-and-white artworks
ISBN: 9781782740889

Bushido: The Soul of Japan – The Code of the Samurai

'Chivalry is a flower no less indigenous to the soil of Japan than cherry blossom' are the opening words to...


Format: 264 x 195mm (10 1⁄2 x 7 3⁄4”)
Extent: 96pp
Word count: 34,000 words

Vikings: A History of the Norse People

Beginning in 789AD, the Vikings raided monasteries, sacked cities and invaded western Europe. They looted and...


Format: 242 x 185mm (91/2 x 71/3”)
Extent: 224pp
Word count: 60,000 words
Illustrations: 200 colour and b/w photographs, artworks, maps and illustrations
ISBN: 9781782740612
ebook ISBN: 9781782740827 (epub)
ebook ISBN: 9781782740827 (Kindle)

Ships of the Civil War

The Civil War may be mainly remembered for its infamous land battles, such as Gettysburg, Manassas, and Shiloh...


Format: 215 x 300mm (81⁄2 x 113⁄4”)
Extent: 224 pages
Word count: 50,000 words
Illustrations: more than 130 colour illustrations and photographs
ISBN: 9781909160675