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Did you know that there are tigers, bulls and even angels in the seas and oceans? That is, there are tiger sharks, bull sharks and angel sharks. There are also whale sharks and cookie-cutter sharks. From the angel shark to the zebra shark by way of the great white shark, hammerhead shark and megamouth shark, A-Z of Sharks presents 26 weird and wonderful marine creatures to be explored.
Each shark is illustrated with an outstanding colour artwork, with boxes of text highlighting key features. There is also a guide to the pronunciation of each shark’s name. Whether huge or tiny, deadly or harmless, each shark is explored over one page.
From a lemon shark to a nurse shark to a velvet belly lantern shark, A-Z of Sharks is informative fun about some of the most fascinating animals in the ocean.

Extent: 32pp
Format: 213 x 290mm (81⁄2 x 111⁄2”)
Illustrations: 26 colour artworks
Word count: 1,000 words

Author details:

Paula Hammond is the author of a range of children’s books, including Atlas of the World's Strangest Animals, Atlas of the World's Endangered Animals, and Sharks & Underwater Monsters. She lives in London.