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By titleYoga: The Essential Positions

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Yoga: The Essential Positions

The practice of yoga improves flexibility, strength and balance, reduces stress and anxiety, increases energy and decreases fatigue, as well as facilitating the flow of prana (vital energy) and helping balance the koshas (sheaths) of the physical and metaphysical body.

Yoga: The Essential Positions features 90 poses in beautiful pen and ink line drawings. Accompanying the image of the pose are both its Sanskrit and English names and a brief description of how to achieve the pose correctly, the precise meaning of its name and how it benefits the body.

Exquisitely illustrated and beautifully made in the print version with traditional Chinese bookbinding techniques, Yoga: The Essential Positions makes an excellent gift for beginners and dedicated yoga enthusiasts alike.

Format: 200 x 161mm (7¾ x 6¼")
Extent: 96pp
Illustrations: 90 b/w artworks
Word count: 5,000 words
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Author details:

Jax is the author of several best selling Yoga and Pilates books and is a freelance health & fitness writer, physical education teacher and a European NIKE yoga presenter. Her primary objective besides inspiring others to lead healthier lifestyles and become more physically attuned is to help people to be more peaceful within themselves and to provide a platform through breath and movement to challenge people to grow in whatever capacity.