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By titleWorld's Great Small Arms

World's Great Small Arms

What makes the Russian AK-47 the most successful assault rifle of all time? Why is the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun so deadly? Why is the Bren gun the finest light machine gun ever? The World’s Great Small Arms answers these questions and many more in its analysis of outstanding and innovative handheld weapons. All types of small arms are covered, including bolt-action rifles, assault rifles, combat shotguns, handguns, and machine guns. It is illustrated with more than 110 colour and black-&-white photographs and 120 colour illustrations, including eight outstanding full-colour gatefolds featuring an annotated cutaway illustration of a leading weapon in its field. A treasure trove of specifications as well offering detailed development history, design and combat features, The World’s Great Small Arms will appeal to any student of weaponry and military history.

Format: 305 x 229mm (12 x 9")
Extent: 176pp
Illustrations: 50 col photos, 30 b/w photos, 100 col a/ws
Text: 70,000 words