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By titleWorld’s Great Submarines

World’s Great Submarines

The World’s great Submarines charts the grim battle of attrition which was waged under the waves by German U-boats and Allied submarines alike. Read about U-9, which sank three British cruisers at the beginning of the war; find out about the German campaign in 1940–41 that almost brought Britain to her knees as terrible damage was inflicted on the British merchant fleet. Discover the successful campaign waged by US submarines in the Pacific, and the British X-craft that sunk the Tirpitz.

Format: 285 x 213mm (11 1/4 x 8 1/2")
Extent: 160pp
Illustrations: 40 col & 40 b/w photos, 30 a/ws
Text: 50000 words

Author details:

Antony Preston is an author, broadcaster, and lecturer who specialises in naval affairs. He was the first editor of Jane’s Defence Weekly and currently edits the fortnightly newsletter Navint. He is a contributor to The Military Yearbook and is the author of a number of books on naval history, including Sea Combat and the Falklands, Send a Gunboat, Navies of the World, and The World’s Great Submarines. He currently lives in London.