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By titleWhat's Inside? series

What's Inside? series

What’s inside a tank? How does a submarine work? What makes a stealth plane hard to detect? How many aircraft can an aircraft carrier carry? How do your lungs breathe? The fascinating What’s Inside? series takes a fascinating look inside both the latest military vehicles as well as the human body, answering these questions and many more.

With four pages per entry, 10 major tanks, warplanes, warships and the human body are investigated, with superb, annotated artworks which look inside each topic. Easy-to-follow background text and fact boxes explain the workings of the featured subject.

Graded for readers aged 7–11, the What’s Inside? series provides an attractive and highly informative guide to both classic and modern military technology and the human body.

Extent: 48pp x 8 volumes
Format: 213 x 290mm (8½ x 11½”)
Illustrations: 44 colour artworks
Word count: 3,500 words per volume