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By titleUnarmed Combat: SAS and Elite Forces Guide

Unarmed Combat: SAS and Elite Forces Guide

With the aid of superb line artworks, the SAS and Elite Forces Guide Unarmed Combat demonstrates to the reader how special forces soldiers are taught to excel in hand-to-hand fighting: how they maximise bodyweight, and the use of various strikes, throws, locks and constrictions to defeat opponents. It explains how different martial arts have been combined by military units to create hand-to-hand combat systems for defence against multiple assailants, for fighting on the ground, for dealing with edged and impact weapons, what works against attackers with firearms and – more importantly – what doesn’t.

With more than 300 easy-to-follow artworks and handy pull-out lists of key information, SAS and Elite Forces Guide Unarmed Combat is the definitive guide for anyone wanting to be ready for anything – it could save your life.

Format: 178 x 127mm (7 x 5”)
Extent: 320pp
Illustrations: 150 b/w a/ws
Text: 40,000 words
Available as an ebook
ISBN: 9781906626815

Author details:

Martin J. Dougherty is a British Master Level Assessor with the Self-Defence Federation and holds black belts in two styles of Ju-jitsu. His martial arts career has also encompassed kickboxing and military combative systems. He has written numerous books on military history, as well as The Art of Self Defence.