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By titleTimeline of World War II

Timeline of World War II

World War II remains the largest conflict humanity has seen, both in terms of scale and loss of life. The Timeline of World War II is the perfect introduction to the war, an authoritative narrative giving a history of events as they occurred. The book is divided into two parts, structured chronologically, allowing coverage of the European and Pacific theatres, with box features and full-colour artworks and archive photographs. At the foot of each text page is a timeline linking events happening elsewhere at the time.

At the back of The Timeline of World War II is an eight-page fold-out double-sided gatefold timeline, profiling key events through the war in a unique graphical representation, with cut-out images and colour keys under various themes and headings. One side of the gatefold shows the European theatre, the reverse the Pacific. The gatefold timeline forms an attractive poster, which readers will want to cut out and keep on their wall for easy reference.

Packed with outstanding photographs, artworks and written as an easily accessible narrative, The Timeline of World War II is a fantastic book for any general reader or history enthusiast.

Format: 213 x 290mm (8½ x 11½")
Extent: plus 8pp removeable gatefold, 224pp
Illustrations: 300 col & b/w photos & a/ws
Text: 70,000 words

Author details:

David Jordan is a Senior Lecturer in Defence Studies, King's College, London. He is the author of Wolfpack, Aircraft Carriers, The Fall of Hitler's Reich and Atlas of World War II.