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By titleTimeline of the Vietnam War

Timeline of the Vietnam War

Illustrated throughout with both colour and black-and-white photographs that bring the conflict to life, the authoritative text charts the progress of the Vietnam War with detailed examinations of key moments such as the Tet Offensive and My Lai massacre.

The Timeline of the Vietnam War provides a graphic and compelling account of one of the most brutal conflicts of modern history and examines the impact that the war continues to have on American and Vietnamese society.

At the back of the book is an eight-page fold-out double-sided gatefold timeline, profiling key events throughout the war in a unique graphical representation, with cut-out images and colour keys under various themes and headings. The gatefold timeline forms a pullout poster.

Format: 213 x 290mm (8½ x 11½")
Extent: 224pp, plus 8pp removeable gatefold
Illustrations: 300 col & b/w photos & a/ws
Text: 70,000 words

Author details:

Kevin Dougherty is a retired U.S. Army officer and currently an instructor in the Department of History at the University of Southern Mississippi. His books include The Peninsula Campaign: A Military Analysis and Civil War Leadership and Mexican War Experience. He lives with his wife and two children in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Jason Stewart is history doctoral student at the University of Southern Mississippi specializing in the Vietnam War. He recently had an article published in The American Graduate: An Interdisciplinary Journal on War and Society.