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By titleSUBMARINES: World War I to the Present

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SUBMARINES: World War I to the Present

The emergence of the submarine in 1914 as a major strategic weapon was swift and unexpected. On 5 September 1914, a British light cruiser, HMS Pathfinder, was sunk by the German submarine U-21, becoming the first victim of a free-fired torpedo. The basis of naval warfare had been changed forever.

Submarines offers a highly illustrated guide to all the main classes of submarines to be used in naval warfare from the beginning of World War I to the present day. Divided by era, campaign and country, the book includes sections on submarine forces in 1914, technical developments during the 1930s, the Atlantic convoy war during World War II, Soviet submarine development during the Cold War, the introduction of nuclear-powered submarines, and the latest ICBM vessels. Special emphasis is given to the U-boats of World War II, with chapters arranged by flotilla.

All the main types are included, from the World War I-era German U-1 class and British F-class, through the Type VII U-boats and US Gato class of World War II, and coming up-to-date with the latest missile submarines, such as HMS Astute, USS Virginia, the Russian Yasen class, the Chinese Type 094 (Jin) class.

Format: 270 x 215mm (10½ x 8½")
Extent: 384pp
Word count: 100,000 words
Illustrations: 500 artworks and 80 photographs
ISBN: 9781782744337

Author details:

Chris Bishop is the author of German Campaigns of World War II, The Rise of Hitler’s Third Reich, SS: Hitler’s Foreign Divisions and The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide: Luftwaffe Squadrons, 1939–45. David Ross specialises in maritime and railway history and has written and contributed to numerous books on these subjects. His most recent books are Ships Visual Encyclopedia, Great Warships, The World’s Greatest Battleships and The World’s Greatest Submarines.