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By titleSniper in Action

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Sniper in Action

Focusing on famous snipers throughout history, Sniper in Action explores the origins, development and impact of the sniper from the American War of Independence to the present day. Featuring numerous eye-witness accounts, famous 'crack shots' are profiled, such as Stalingrad hero Vasili Zaitsev, Vietnam War marksman Chuck Mawhinney, and Timothy L. Kellner from the recent Iraq conflict. The book also details the equipment, tactics, and techniques of the marksman from the original skirmishers of the late eighteenth century to the highly-trained specialists of today's hi-tech armed forces.

Packed with first-hand accounts, Sniper in Action is the definitive guide to these secretive and deadly individuals and the role they have played in conflicts over the last three hundred years.

Format: 240 x 189mm (9½ x 7½”)
Extent: 192pp
Illustrations: 120 colour and b/w photos, 12 b/w a/ws
Text: 60,000 words

Author details:

Charles Stronge has worked as an editor for several leading publishers, primarily in the fields of military history, politics and international affairs. He has also worked for Jane’s Information Group and is the author of several books. He served for six years in the British Territorial Army.