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By titleThe Prophet

The Prophet

Love, marriage, children, work, joy, sorrow, friendship, freedom, pain, passion – there can be no doubt that Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet is a modern classic, its simple prose resonating in our hearts and minds. Written in English and first published in 1923, the book has gradually become a global bestseller, its wise words a favourite for readings at weddings and funerals. Shaped around the story of a prophet leaving his country of exile, the book is a series of short discussions on what really matters most in life. Its chapters offer solace and guidance.

Beautifully produced in traditional Chinese binding and with a timeless design, The Prophet is an accessible yet spiritual book to be cherished.

Format: 264 x 195mm (10½ x 7¾”)
Extent: 96pp
Word count: 12,000 words

This title is not available in the US due to copyright restrictions.

Author details:

Kahlil Gibran was born in Lebanon and emigrated to the United States in 1895. An artist, poet and author, he died in 1931, and was buried in Lebanon the following year.