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By titlePearl Harbor 1941: Great Battles App

Pearl Harbor 1941: Great Battles App

Experience the dramatic attack on Pearl Harbor with this colourful, fact-packed app. An animated map complete with audio commentary lets you see the battle develop stage by stage; a narrated history and gallery give you the full background; while the Pearl Harbor quiz tests out your battle knowledge.

One of the most important moments in the history of World War II, the attack on Pearl Harbor brought the United States of America into the war against both Germany and Japan. The Japanese attackers failed to sink any US Navy carriers, and thereby missed the opportunity to cripple the US Navy, although they did cause a heavy loss of life and several ships were sunk.

* Watch the detailed map animation, showing the formations, attacks and development of the battle over the course of 7 December 1941.

* Listen to the audio commentary and follow the full course of the attack.

* Read the 3000 word historical account of the background, the course of the action and the aftermath to the attack.

* View the gallery, including photographs of the harbour and paintings and artworks of the participanting men and machines. Locator maps show you where the battle happened and charts give you a breakdown of the numbers of forces on each side.

* Try out your knowledge with the battle quiz. Do you know how the attack began? How many ships did the US Navy lose?

This is history at hand – one of the major events in world history on your device.

Available on iOS and Android