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The Orient Express is a name synonymous with luxury train travel in Europe. In 1883, the first train with its gleaming livery and leather-embossed chairs in mahogany-panelled compartments caused a sensation.

But by the 1950s and 1960s, the service was becoming ever shorter and European rail travel less stylish. However, in its prime, the Orient Express provided a much-needed luxury service that managed to cross borders and overcome national interests and rivalries.

The Orient Express traces the history of the service, from its glamorous beginnings, its popularity with European royalty and heads of state, to its demise in the age of postwar austerity, the Cold War and cheaper air travel. Subsequently revived on a limited scale using some restored original train cars, the mythos of the Orient Express lives on.

Illustrated with outstanding black-and-white photographs, many of them seldom seen, The Orient Express offers an intriguing portrait of the birth, heyday, decline – and limited rebirth – of luxury train travel throughout Europe.

Format: 297 x 225mm UK/ 288 x 218mm USA
Extent: 112pp
Illustrations: 90 b/w photos & 10 line a/w
Text: 35000 words
ISBN: 9781782746027 (UK)
ISBN: 9781782746331 (USA)

Author details:

Anthony Burton has written more than 50 books, and has written and presented more than 30 television documentaries, and even more radio programmes. His work focuses on the history of technology and transport, including subjects as diverse as canals, the Industrial Revolution, shipbuilding, and rail transport. Steam has always been a particular passion for him, however, and his work in this area includes an eight-part television series, The Past at Work, and a programme on Britain’s biggest steam fair and traction engine rally, Great Dorset Steam.