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By titleMonsters and Mutants!

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Monsters and Mutants!

From the heights of Godzilla to the deep waters swum by the Loch Ness Monster, from Greek myths such as the Minotaur to movie myths such as King Kong, from recent folklore creatures like Bigfoot to ancient ones like Kraken, Monsters & Mutants! presents 20 classic beasts from the world’s movies, literature, folkore and mythology.

• Read the stories behind each monster legend
• Learn something new about classic stories: did you know that when the gorgon Medusa’s head was cut off, the winged-horse Pegasus sprang from her body?
• Choose which monster has the scariest SCREAM, SHRIEK, ROAR, GROWL and CACKLE
• Guess the size of each monster compared to your average two-eyed, two-footed, finless human
• From sea creatures to many-headed beasts to half-human mixes, rate your favourite monster
• Locate the origins of each monster on the global map
• Play with and rearrange the colourful monster tiles by type, origin and by your rating
• Print out and colour in your monsters with AirPrint

Monsters & Mutants! is a playful, interactive experience — perfect for sharing as you read, explore and learn...

Available as an iOS iPad app only