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By titleModern Weapons: Compared and Contrasted

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Modern Weapons: Compared and Contrasted

Do you ever wonder which is the best tank in service today? Which aircraft carrier, submarine or assault rifle is the best? Modern Weapons: Compared and Contrasted allows the reader to compare the key weapons technologies of modern armies side-by-side. The book includes air, sea and land weapons, both vehicles and small arms, in a spread-by-spread format for ease of use and quick comparison.

Each full-colour spread features a key category of weapon such as fighters or main battle tanks, for example, with an easy-to-follow diagram or chart allowing the reader to compare speeds, armour penetration, rate or range of fire, diving depth and so forth at a glance.

Packed with specially-created charts, graphs, and artworks and accompanied by an accessible explanation of the key characteristics of each weapon type, Modern Weapons is a fantastic book for any general reader or military enthusiast.

Format: 297 x 227mm (11 3/4 x 9”)
Extent: 224pp
Illustrations: 400+ col a/ws & photos
Text: 50,000 words
ISBN: 9781908696687

Author details:

Martin J Dougherty is an author and former defence analyst specialising in military subjects. His published works include books on modern warfare, weaponry and military vehicles. Martin has spoken at several defence industry conferences, presenting papers on subjects ranging from precision-guided weapons and asymmetric warfare.