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It is over 40 years since the end of the Vietnam War, but it remains a controversial war among veterans and politicians, while the scars are still very much in evidence on the defoliated landscape and poisoned earth of Vietnam itself.

The war – the first televised war – was to shock the world and divide a nation. In the defence of a theory – that if the South fell the whole region would fall to Communism – the United States spent $145,000 million, dropped eight million tons of bombs and suffered 46,370 fatalities, while 900,000 Vietnamese people were killed.

From Indochina to the fall of Saigon, The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War is a timely account of the 6,000-day conflict in Southeast Asia. Co-written by Andrew Wiest, award-winning historian of the Vietnam War, the lucid text expertly guides the reader through the complex escalation of the conflict, while weaving in many eye-witness accounts. Illustrated throughout with both colour and black & white photographs, the book is a compelling history of one of the most brutal episodes in the modern world.

Format: 297 x 227mm (11¾ x 9")
Extent: 256pp
Illustrations: 250 col & 50 b/w photos & 30 col a/w
Text: 60,000 words
ISBN: 9781782742883
Available as a text-only ebook
Ebook ISBN: 9781908696021

Author details:

Andrew Wiest is the award-winning author of The Boys of ‘67: Charlie Company’s War in Vietnam (2014), Vietnam’s Forgotten Army and The Vietnam War 1956-1975. He is a Professor of History at the University of Southern Mississippi and serves as Director of the Vietnam Studies Program and co-director of the university's Center for the Study of War and Society. He is also the author of Campaigns of World War II: The Pacific War, The Illustrated History of World War I, and co-author of Passchendaele and the Royal Navy, The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War and Strategy and Tactics: Infantry Warfare.

Chris McNab is a writer and editor based in South Wales, UK. He has produced over 25 books on military history, martial arts, survival, and other topics, and has written extensively on firearms, his titles including: Weapons of War: AK47, 20th Century Small Arms, The Encyclopedia of Combat Techniques, Living off the Land, and The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War. Chris is a lifelong advocate of shooting sports and specializes in sporting clays and field shooting around the UK and abroad.