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By titleGUITAR CHORDS (Mini Encyclopedia)

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GUITAR CHORDS (Mini Encyclopedia)

An ideal reference guide for anyone learning how to play the guitar or for anyone who wants to brush up on their chord knowledge – or even develop their song writing skills – this book features all of the most popular major and minor guitar chords from A–G which are used in a wide range of music styles, including rock, pop, folk and classical music. Each chord entry has a detailed colour diagram with colour-coded dots for each finger position, accompanied by explanatory text and a full colour picture showing the chord being played on the guitar.

Guitar Chords is a useful companion for any guitarist as this pocket-sized book can be carried with you anywhere, be it on a train, on holiday, at work or at home.

Format: 163 x 123mm (6 1/2 x 4 3/4" )
Extent: 320pp
Illustrations: 150 col photos & 150 a/ws
Text: 13500 words
ISBN: 9781782743781

Author details:

Ted Fuller is a guitarist and arranger with several years of experience across a wide range of musical styles including rock, blues, jazz, and folk. Ted spends most of his time playing the guitar and tending his guitar collection. Julian Hayman has played in many different bands over the past 30 years. He currently plays guitar and writes songs with singer Charlotte Greig, and also plays bass and guitar in two rock bands.