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By titleGreat Battles apps

Great Battles apps

The Great Battles apps series in universal iOS and Android versions – now also available on the B&N Nook and Kobo Vox!

• Gaugamela 331 BC
• Cannae 216 BC
• Constantinople 1453
• Blenheim 1704
• Trafalgar 1805
• Gettysburg 1863
• Pearl Harbor 1941
• Stalingrad 1942/43
• Kursk 1943
• D-Day 1944

Each app has an animated map complete with a voiceover explaining the battle stage by stage, a narrated history and gallery give you the full background to the battle, while a quiz tests out your new knowledge.

• Watch the explosions on US battleships as the Japanese attack waves strike.

• Listen to how the Roman legionaries were lured into a trap and slaughtered.

• Read how the Red Army surrounded the Germans in Stalingrad.

• View images of the men and vehicles landing on the D-Day beaches.

• Test your knowledge of General Robert E Lee’s Confederates.

These bestselling apps featuring major events in world history are now available on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android phones and tablets!

• Gaugamela 331 BC – Superb generalship from Alexander defeats Darius
• Cannae 216 BC – Hannibal annihilates the Roman legions
• Constantinople 1453 – The Ottomans bring the Roman Empire to an end
• Blenheim 1704 – Duke of Marlborough defeats Louis XIV’s French army
• Trafalgar 1805 – Nelson's finest hour as he bests Napoleon's navy
• Gettysburg 1863 – Turning point of the US Civil War
• Pearl Harbor 1941 – Sneak Japanese attack brings the US into WWII
• Stalingrad 1942/43 – Decisive battle on the Eastern Front in WWII
• Kursk 1943 – Greatest tank battle on the Eastern Front in WWII
• D-Day 1944 – Largest ever sea landings in France on 6 June

Available as iOS and Android apps, including the Nook and Vox