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By titleElite Forces Survival Guides: Survival First Aid

Elite Forces Survival Guides: Survival First Aid

During battle, elite forces soldiers have to operate many miles behind enemy lines. If one of their team is injured, then they have to treat that person themselves; professional treatment might be several days away. This book shows you how to deliver first aid for the most common injuries and illnesses in the wild. Minor and major problems are covered, from blisters to heart attacks, and frostbite to broken bones. Each technique is explained step-by-step, showing you how to respond to many wilderness emergencies.

Format: 165 x 235mm (6 1/2 x 9 1/4")
Extent: 64pp
Illustrations: 30 colour photos & a/ws
Text: 7500 words

Author details:

Patrick Wilson has starred on Broadway in "Barefoot in the Park, Oklahoma!" (Tony Award nominated), and "The Full Monty" (Tony nomination, Drama League Award). His film credits include "Little Children, Phantom of the Opera, Hard Candy", and the HBO Mini series "Angels in America" (Golden Globe and Emmy nominations).