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By titleDiscovering Dinosaurs: Spiked, Horned and Crested Dinosaurs

Discovering Dinosaurs: Spiked, Horned and Crested Dinosaurs

For more than 160 million years the Earth was dominated by the giant reptiles that we know as dinosaurs. Today, these great beasts still fire the imaginations of young and old. Discovering Dinosaurs is a series of eight accessible books for children and young adults describing the wide range of dinosaur species, from flesh-ripping monsters such as Tyrannosaurus rex to enormous 90-ton plant-eaters like Argentinosaurus. Arranged chronologically, each entry is illustrated with full-colour annotated artworks. Each of the dinosaur features also includes information boxes containing key facts and figures.

Format: 305 x 227mm (12 x 9”)
Extent: 48pp
Illustrations: 80 col a/ws & photos
Text: 9,000 words

Author details:

Consultant editor Carl Mehling is the Collections Manager for Fossil Reptiles, Amphibians and Birds at the American Museum of Natural History, New York.