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By titleCool Wheels Superbikes

Cool Wheels Superbikes

Racing bikes are the pinnacle of two-wheeled production engineering. Designed for the race track but often used on the road, racing bikes encapsulate the romance, power and freedom of motorcycle riding. Covering some of the fastest, high-performance bikes to ever to hit the streets, Cool Wheels: Racing Bikes is a perfect introduction to the workings of these superb machines. Aimed at 7-10 year-olds, Cool Wheels: Racing Bikes is an exciting study of these hi-tech, high-speed bikes, providing a colourful look at some of the most glamorous bikes that have been raced on circuits around the world. Full-page cutaway illustrations, annotated with key facts and figures, provide a visual introduction to each bike, while box features, action photographs and close-up diagrams explore important elements and present information in a fun and attractive way. This is the ideal book for children who want to learn how a racing bike works, and why it can go so fast.

Format: 165 x 230mm (6 1/2 x 9")
Extent: 32pp
Illustrations: 13 col a/ws, 14 col photos
Text: 4000 words

Author details:

Alan Dowds is a motorcycling journalist who works for Superbike magazine in London. He has previously worked for Motor Cycle News and Ride magazines, as well as launching Tankin’, a specialist Scottish motorcycle magazine. He is an experienced motorcycle road tester, and has ridden almost every motorcycle introduced since 1994.