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By titleConstantinople 1453: Great Battles app

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Constantinople 1453: Great Battles app

One of history's greatest battles, the Ottoman siege of Constantinople (formerly Byzantium, now Istanbul in modern Turkey) saw the Turks use heavy siege artillery to break through the giant Theodosian walls that had held off most attacking armies for more than a millennium. The fall of the city to Sultan Mehmed II marked the official end of the Roman Empire. The app allows you to:

• Watch the detailed map animation, showing the formations, attacks and development of the siege.

• Listen to the audio commentary and follow the full course of the assault.

• Read the historical account of the background to the battle, the course of the action and the aftermath of the siege.

• View the gallery, which includes artworks of the combatants and weaponry. Locator maps show you where the battle happened and charts give you a breakdown of the numbers of forces on each side.

• Try out your knowledge with the battle quiz. Do you know what a Janissary or a trebuchet is, what prompted the attack, or where the crossbowmen fighting at Constantinople came from?

Constantinople 1453 is a battle that shaped the course of history, and its consequences still affect our world today. Find out more with the Great Battles app, available for iOS and Android.

Available for iOS and Android