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By titleBlenheim 1704: Great Battles App

Blenheim 1704: Great Battles App

The battle of Blenheim in 1704 was a great victory for the allied armies commanded by John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, and Prince Eugene of Savoy over the forces of Louis XIV of France.

One of major battles of the War of the Spanish Succession, the Grand Alliance commanded by the Duke of Marlborough achieved a decisive victory near Blindheim (Blenheim in English), protecting Vienna and forcing Bavaria out of the war.

- Watch the detailed map animation, showing the stages of the battle and the manoeuvres of the Franco-Bavarian and Anglo-Dutch forces.

- Listen to the audio commentary as you follow the course of the battle.

- Read the historical account of the build-up to the battle, the action itself and its aftermath.

- View the gallery, including paintings and illustrations of Blenheim, the forces, dragoons and weaponry. A handy map pinpoints exactly where it happened and an easy-to-follow chart details the opposing forces that took part.

- Try out your knowledge of the attack with the battle quiz.

This is history at hand - one of the major events in world history