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By titleAtlas of the Constellations

Atlas of the Constellations

Featuring accurate and clear charts of all 88 constellations, the Atlas of the Constellations is a fascinating introduction to the night sky which will interest young and old alike. The atlas features one full page on each constellation, accompanied by fascinating text about its name, key stars, the planets which pass through it, and other relevant features. Each full-page colour map of the constellation includes additional information on star brightness, radio sources, gas clouds, and neighbouring constellations. Comprehensive and informative, The Atlas of the Constellations will enable every reader to unlock the secrets of the night sky.

Format: 254 x 203mm (10 X 8")
Extent: 112pp
Illustrations: 100 col a/ws
Text: 20000 words

Author details:

Giles Sparrow studied astronomy at University College, London, and is now an editor and established author specializing in science, technology, and their history and interaction with society. He has been writing professionally for ten years, and his published books include "Universe, How the Universe Works, The Planets", and "The Universe and How to See It". He lives and works in East London.