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By titleAnimals (Encyclopedia)

Animals (Encyclopedia)

Describing the most intriguing creatures on the planet, from the big cats of Africa to the apes that are our closest evolutionary ancestors and the whales and dolphins that roam the world’s oceans, Animals profiles over 400 of the world’s most fascinating species, offering a truly comprehensive overview of animals from every continent and giving a sense of the incredible diversity of animal types. Featured animals are grouped by order, then within each order by family; each family section contains examples of the key species, which are illustrated with beautifully detailed, full-colour artworks. For easy reference, each entry includes a table of information on scientific name, order and family, features, habitats, distribution, diet and breeding, as well as informative maps and detailed box features.

Format: 305 x 227mm (12 x 9")
Extent: 448pp
Illustrations: 2200 col photos & a/ws
Text: 120000 words

Author details:

David Alderton has enjoyed a life-long interest in wildlife and has travelled widely, studying a variety of creatures in their natural habitats throughout the world. Since graduating from Cambridge University, he has worked full-time in this area. As an award-winning specialist author about animals, his books have now sold over six million copies and have been published in 30 languages. David also takes part regularly in radio and television programmes on wildlife topics, for the BBC, the Discovery Channel and other broadcasters, both as a participant and as a writer. He also runs his own popular website about pets and other animals at which launched in 2008.