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By titleAircraft of the World: Civil Aircraft

Aircraft of the World: Civil Aircraft

Aircraft of the World takes the reader on a fascinating journey of discovery into the world of the fastest, biggest, weirdest, and most popular airplanes, jet planes, and helicopters to have taken to the skies. Stunning full-color, profile artworks and action photographs show each aircraft in all its glory, while fascinating text and data panels tell the reader the most amazing facts about the pilots and planes and their exploits. Civil Aircraft features classic aviation workhorses, such as Douglas DC-3 and Boeing 747, the first jet airliner, the De Havilland Comet, and the world’s first supersonic luxury airliner, Concord.

Format: 230 x 165mm (9 x 6 1/2")
Extent: 32pp
Illustrations: 39 photographs and illustrations
Text: 4000 words

Author details:

Paul E. Eden is a freelance aviation editor, author and photographer. His books include Military Aircraft Recognition, Lockheed Blackbird: Beyond the Secret Missions and F-15 Eagle Engaged. He has worked extensively in aircraft partwork publishing and on the quarterlies of Wings of Fame and World Air Power Journal. He is also the editor of Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine and a contributing editor to International Air Power Review.