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By title101 Wilderness Survival Tips for Boys

101 Wilderness Survival Tips for Boys

Reading about survival techniques can be fascinating, but how can you be sure that they will work in the real world? 101 Wilderness Survival Tips for Boys features tried and tested methods which really do work, from how to find water to how to survive in an ocean; how to use your watch as a compass; to how to navigate by the stars; how to make a fire or how to escape one; and from how to bind a wound to how to make a stretcher. With colour illustrations and accounts from true-life survival situations, 101 Wilderness Survival Tips for Boys is an indispensable guide for any keen survivalist or wannabe explorer.

Format: 254 x 203mm (10 x 8")
Extent: 128pp
Illustrations: 275 col a/ws
Text: 22500 words

Author details:

Chris McNab is a wilderness expert, military specialist and author of over 20 survival publications, including How to Survive Anything, Anywhere, Living off the Land, and SAS Training Manual: Endurance Techniques. He holds a PhD from the University of Wales and lives in south Wales, UK.