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By title101 Sex Positions

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101 Sex Positions

101 Sex Positions emphasises the fun, adventure and simple sensual pleasure of sexual love. Drawing on sources including the Kama Sutra, 101 Sex Positions is a down-to-earth heterosexual guide which includes straightforward explanations and 350 colour photographs to help lovers get the most from their sex lives.

Format: 254 x 203mm (10 x 8”)
Extent: 112pp
Illustrations: 300 col photos
Text: 18000 words

Author details:

In her 20-year career as a British newspaper and women’s magazine journalist, Samantha Taylor has interviewed swingers, porn stars and fetish fans, advised women on how to improve their love lives and has been sent on assignment sampling everything from pole dancing to erotic scriptwriting. Publications she has edited or contributed to include the Daily Star newspaper, Real, Now, and Full House! She lives in London, UK.