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By title101 Great Warships

101 Great Warships

Including more than 200 images, 101 Great Warships showcases the cream of naval hardware from World War I's Dreadnought and U-9 through to today’s leviathans including the Nimitz and Ohio classes. Each featured warship is illustrated with a colour or black and white photograph, detailed profile artworks and full technical specifications.

Format: 254 x 203mm (10 x 8”)
Extent: 112pp
Illustrations: 101 col photos, 101 col a/ws
Text: 30000 words

Author details:

Robert Jackson is a former pilot and navigational instructor. Now a full-time writer in military, naval and aviation affairs, he has over 80 books to his name, including Spitfire: The Operational Record, B-17 Flying Fortress and Warplanes of World War II , and was a contributing editor of The Encyclopedia of Aircraft. He lives in Darlington, County Durham, UK.